Wizard of Oz Dinner Theater

Fall Into Success

Global Oklahoma recap

If you didn’t make it to this year’s “Global Oklahoma” event, have a look at some of the things you missed!   The Mirage Dance Company

Presidential Debates

Missed the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates? Here are the transcripts from the Commission of Presidential Debates site. Check back later for the newest from Tuesday night! http://www.debates.org/index.php?page=debate-transcripts

Campus Security Rushes to Students Aid

Narges Taghavi, Feature Editor Oct. 16 campus police and RSC students responded to a report of a missing child.  The mother found a female campus security guard and got the campus police and Midwest City Police department to search the campus for her child.

Kicking The Habit

11 a.m.- 2 p.m. in the Student Center  Respiratory Therapy students will have smoking cessation booths set up to help students, faculty, staff, and the community to help spread awareness of smoking. The students will be doing test to check lung volume, blood pressure and oxygen saturation to help people improve their smoking habits. For more information, please […]

Letter to the Editor

  In your editorial of 12 Oct., I like that you provided figures for PBS, vacant federal buildings, and farm subsidies.  That does put things in perspective. I would have to see, again, the part of the debate in which Romney brings up Big Bird; but I do not believe he “promised” to cut funding […]

Prof. Tharp book set for the silver screen

Jennifer Byrd Volunteer Writer   Life is “splendiferous” for Sutter Keely, the eighteen-year-old high school protagonist in RSC Professor of English Tim Tharp’s young adult novel; “The Spectacular Now.” The book is set in Oklahoma City with the story starting with Sutter buying breakfast for a young runaway. The guy is caring and really wants […]

Sony’s attempt at unlimited gaming

Dennis Gosnell Assignment Editor Those of you who are avid gamers may know about Sony’s PlayStation Networks, PlayStation Plus. For those gamers who do not know, PlayStation Plus is a PSN paid service. This service gives users the opportunity to receive auto-updates of games, an assortment of free games, select 20 – 80% discounts for […]

Ping-Pong Tournament

Amber Stafford Assignment Editor The Wellness Center hosted their annual Ping-Pong tournament, Sept. 27 in the gym. “Its gives the students something fun to do, because it doesn’t involve teams, more for individuals it matters being at community college,” Chris Leland, the Health and Wellness Center Director said. The tournament was single elimination; best out […]