Five year grant offers financial security

By: Brittany McDaniel, feature editor Cyber Security majors and professor have been awarded a grant totaling over $500,000, effective Feb. 1, 2001 until Jan. 31, 2016. Ken Dewey, director of networking and cyber security, said that “lofty objectives and high standards” outlined for the program was just the edge that made the grant application successful. […]

Spotlight: Brandy Mathews

For Brandy Mathews, who attends RSC, in addition to being a wife and mother of five, time is a precious commodity. Well into her second semester, Brandy is working towards her nursing degree, gaining experience as a practicum nurse at Deaconess Hospital. After obtaining her nursing degree, Brandy will work towards getting a bachelor’s degree […]

Editorial: Empty pockets fuel broken promises

By now, students should be feeling the emptiness in their pockets, pulling out nothing more than bits of lint and gum wrappers where money was once abundant. These things happen. College students are no strangers to being broke. We’ve all been there, done that. But, with the state’s most recent declaration of budget cuts, where […]

Music Stand: Columnist lives out teenage dream, angst

By: Miranda Liming, editor-in-chief During the ages of 13 to 17, many adolescents begin forming their strong music opinions and expand from what their parents listened to, to what they want to listen to. Everyone has gone, or will go, through this essential growing up phase. Mine was at 13, when I threw out my […]

New on Netflix

Columnist Takes Pleasure in Hardship of CEOs “Undercover Boss” Strikes Balance Between Heartwarming Fluff and Sadistic Pleasure After a long month of sitting somewhere in the mountains while on break, staring at snow, it dawned on me that there was so much to be seen that I could watch, between getting licked awake by my […]

New Student’s Voice Act passes, changes bylaws

By: Logan Pierce, assignment editor The extent of students’ voting rights was one of many issues debated by Senate during the Tues., Feb. 15 meeting. Bill 001, the “Student’s Voice Act,” authored by Treasurer Sederis, President Phillips and Senator Johnson, it reads “An act relating to the addition of section 111 to the Rose State […]

Virtual face-lift of asks for students, faculty participation in order for more growth, effectiveness

By: Bryan Trude, assistant editor The RSC website,, is scheduled to undergo a major facelift. The Office of Marketing and Public Relations, with the help of design firm Element Fusions of OKC, will be debuting a new, more interactive version of the school’s website by the end of February 2011. “We started looking at […]

New on Netflix: “7 words” in one place leaves columnist reminiscent

By: Bryan Trude, assistant editor Do you know what they don’t talk about anymore? George Carlin. Ok, so I couldn’t quote the exact line, at least not without flooding the office with angry letters and spend a very nice visit with my boss behind a closed door. Despite his death in 2008 from heart failure, […]

Music Stand: Originality best for love and shallow pockets

By: Miranda Liming, editor-in-chief Did you all watch the Super Bowl this year, my dear readers? Wait, don’t tell me, cause I’m not interested. I refuse to write about the Super Bowl, the Half-Time Show, or the atrocities the NFL lovingly calls the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburg Steelers. You may be asking yourself, […]

Editorial: Chicken combo please, hold the hate

Being situated squarely in the Bible Belt, RSC and the surrounding community is not often exposed to religious controversy. What would be considered controversial elsewhere often draws little more than a second mention in our neck of the woods. Chick-fil-A, the fast food restaurant chain ubiquitous with cows whom have poor spelling, recently made a […]