Student budget VS Java Rose

Reminder: Sharon Isbin in concert Thursday, September 29 at 8 p.m.

Information provided by: Rose State Live Acclaimed for her extraordinary lyricism, technique and versatility, multiple Grammy Award winner Sharon Isbin has been hailed as “the pre-eminent guitarist of our time”.  She has given sold-out performances throughout the world in the greatest halls including New York’s Carnegie and Avery Fisher Halls, Boston’s Symphony Hall, Washington D.C.’s Kennedy […]

Lincoln’s Changing Views on Slavery

By: Chelsea Ratterman,  Assistant Editor Through Oct. 3 the LRC will feature the “Forever Free” Abraham Lincoln Exhibit; which is touring the United States in honor of Lincoln’s 200th birthday. Events and lectures have been planned for the duration of the exhibit’s visit and after. Dr. Alan Ball presented one lecture on Sep. 7 in […]

Lyric Theatre’s Broadway Ball engages donors

Mark your calendars! The 16th Annual Lyric Theatre Broadway Ball is being held at 7 p.m. on Sept. 30. The Broadway Ball is a fundraiser held to support the Lyric Theatre, and profits from the ball will go toward supporting its’ musical theatre academy. The money is utilized by providing scholarships for less opportune students, […]

Marriage: An evolving institution

Marriage has always been a focal point of society. It used to be expected of individuals to marry and continue their line. Over the centuries, particularly the last century, marriage hasn’t been given quite the push. Constant figures are thrown out showing the failure of the institution in its modern form. In 2009, Oklahoma had […]

Storyteller Bil Lepp shares Santa’s big secret

By: Logan Pierce, Editor-in-chief On Sep. 8, nationally renowned storyteller Bil Lepp preformed for children and adults in the H. B. Atkinson Theater. For nearly 20 years, Lepp has traveled the country sharing his storytelling skills with everyone. Lepp lives in W.Va. with his wife and two young children, and is a five-time winner of […]

Online reviewers: Taking a critical look at critics

By: Logan Pierce, Editor-in-chief The Internet has changed the requirements for fame. Achieving celebrity status no longer involves working in a California diner, hoping to be discovered. No, all that is required is to inform the world, “Charlie bit me.” Viral videos on YouTube have allowed people to experience 15 minutes of fame without leaving […]

Sneak preview of Global Oklahoma at RSC

RSC Global Oklahoma presents Brazil! Celebrate our 23rd year of culture with more than 70 exhibits and 4 booked stages! See our sneak peak for 2011.

Ban a Book: Restrict Potential Learning

  As literature has progressed through history to modern day, books have caused impacts on societal norms.  Writers do not always write for readers who use polite language.  Because of this, some books have been removed from shelves of libraries and banned from other similar institutions. Some of these books are full of strong sexual […]

Warrior heals family through fighting

By: Dennis Gosnell, assignment editor In each persons heart there lays some great pain that defines whom they become. Warrior is a fierce emotional roller coaster with that curative touch of inspiration that comes from forming unbreakable bonds. In this movie the fight to save love and home comes to life.  When all that stands between […]