Club to host human chess

Jessica Phillips Editor-in-Chief–   The new Anime, Fandom and Gaming club has had more than 40 students on its sign-up sheet and has raised nearly $200 as of Sept. 30, according to member Rachel George. The AFG club is partnering with the Drama Club to host a human chess match on Oct. 16. The theme […]

Microsoft surfaces with new tablet

Dennis Gosnell Assistant Editor With the success of Apple’s iPad, many other companies are seeking to compete in the growing tablet market. Microsoft is no exception. On Oct. 26, Microsoft released a new line of mobile tablets called the Surface. This device, like the iPad, looks to give consumers something unique and life changing. Microsoft […]

Sony’s attempt at unlimited gaming

Dennis Gosnell Assignment Editor Those of you who are avid gamers may know about Sony’s PlayStation Networks, PlayStation Plus. For those gamers who do not know, PlayStation Plus is a PSN paid service. This service gives users the opportunity to receive auto-updates of games, an assortment of free games, select 20 – 80% discounts for […]

PvP comes to life with the newest Starwars game

Coming to the MMO (massively multiplayer online) game stage is Star Wars: The Old Republic.  With World of Warcraft slowly falling from its throne due to its latest expansion, players will be searching for a new way to feed their addiction to gaming. Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) offers gamers a different universe to […]