Millions of muggles man up for Quidditch

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor For over a decade, the wizarding world of Harry Potter has captivated billions of people. The series concluded with the final film and the launch of, an interactive website for fans. However, the series lives on in “muggle” society, (“muggle” being wizard slang for non-magical beings). Quidditch has become a fast growing […]

Rotary sponsors former Governor visit

By: Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief Former Oklahoma Governor George Nigh was on hand to speak during Law Day, April 30. The event was presented in partnership with Midwest City Rotary.

Economic woes “double” for college students

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor With the U.S. government trying to figure out how to overcome 12 years of over spending, it seems that it will be the youth of America and their parents that will pay the price for seeking justice and the war against terror. American youth to pay for parent’s mistakes

Interpretation of Poe’s final days earns five stars

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor A ranting raven does spirit the haunting chill of horror, as Edgar Allen Poe must find a serial killer that has ghosted away his beloved Emily. The newly released “The Raven” has taken on the challenge of explaining the final days leading up to the end of Edgar Allen Poe’s life.

Congratulations to RSC Radiologic Technology Students!

Congratulations to RSC Technologic Students! RSC Radiologic Technology Students attended a two day seminar in Tulsa hosted by the Oklahoma Society of Radiologic Technologists. They competed in several events and placed in all of them. Scientific Exhibits: Computer Generated Category 1st – Kristi Bentkowski (Norman) and Michelle Ray(Choctaw) Scholastic Category 2nd – Eric Dahl (OKC) […]

Rex Linn shares his experiences

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor There are few times in life when people get to meet an actor or get taught valuable acting life lessons from movie and television stars. For students of Rose State College meeting Rex Linn who plays Sergeant Frank Triad on CSI: Miami, and hearing his story helped to not only give […]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim changes how MMO’s are played

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor A month ago a game commercial flashed on the television.  Dragons and a man fought to the death, an empire of men and mythical being collided.  Astounded, I had to buy this game. Tamriel, The land of Skyrim The game is set in the land of Tamriel, also known as Skyrim.  […]

Potter fans trade wands for mice

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor  Anxious Potterheads can finally take up their computer mice to begin the virtual journey through the wizarding world of Harry Potter. The highly anticipated website “Pottermore” finally opened after a year of painstaking beta testing and delays. The companion to the “Harry Potter” books, announced around the time of the last […]

Hispanic Student Association aims to make a difference

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor The annual Club of the Year award was given out at the Student Life Banquet on Monday, April 23. This year the honor went to the Hispanic Student Association. The honor is awarded based on a point system, and a list of events that are eligible for points that school year, […]