What do you think about the Cybersecurity and Information Freedom act of 2011?

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Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor  Rebekah Fisher, health sciences major, presented a lecture on Dwarfism in the Lecture Hall.  Fisher said that there are 200 plus types of Dwarfism that falls into two categories.  One category is that of the disproportionate.  People that fall into this category, generally have an average sized human torso and enlarged head […]

Enjoy a short stack for a tall cause

Saturday, December the 3rd the Rose State College’s Study Abroad Club will be holding a flapjack fundraiser Breakfast. the breakfast will be hosted by Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar, located at 608 Air Depot Blvd. Midwest City Oklahoma 73110. The cost will be $7.00 per person. Bring your family and friends to help raise funds for these students.

Bee’s Knees auction succeeds

By: Narges Taghavi, Feature Editor The Bee’s Knees is a program set up by Youth and Family Services and is a nonprofit organization that helps young adults with special needs to gain entrepreneurial experiences and business skills. The program visited Rose State College, and with the assistance of the Frances White Hughes Scholars, on Oct. 27 […]

Commitment to cut carcinogens is everyone’s resposibility

When we became a tobacco-free campus in August, it was understood that change would be required. Having observed the policy in action, the perceived enforcement inaction was initially troubled. While all ashtrays have been removed from the campus, some trashcans still have mini ashtrays in their tops. People can still be seen smoking near the […]

Spring Triathlon

By: Raynor Littleton, Contributing Writer The 2012 spring semester will start with the first-ever indoor campus triathlon. Participants will have the entire semester to complete it. “The run is 26.2 miles, the distance of a full marathon, which can be done on the equipment in the Wellness Center. The swim is 2.4 miles, which equals […]

LP- Campus Wellness Symposium cautions on “the Wasted Years”

By: Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief On Veterans Day, the Moore Norman Technology Center hosted the second annual Campus Wellness Symposium. Last year, the event focused on campuses becoming tobacco-free. Rose State College is one of 18 Oklahoma college campuses that have enacted a tobacco free policy. OU expects to be tobacco-free by Jan. 1, 2012. Waste […]

A look back at the Twilight Saga

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor With the beginning of the end looming for the “Twilight Saga,” fans are reliving the phenomenon that swept the world in 2006. In the middle of the “Potter” craze that lasted a decade came “Twilight” and it’s sequels “New Moon,” “Eclipse,” and then the highly anticipated conclusion “Breaking Dawn.” The last […]

Newsbriefs 11/18/2011

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor Holiday lighting ceremony 5:15 p.m. – 8 p.m. Dec. 1, RSC Logo Tower Come join us as we open the Christmas season with our Holiday Lighting Ceremony. Santa will be here; there will be a horse carriage ride, hot chocolate, s’mores, and music. Be sure to have your little ones bring […]

Immortals makes heads roll

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor With the likes of “300” and “ Clash of the Titans” still a blockbuster memory, the newest Greek epic to grace the big screen is “Immortals.” Loosely based on the myth of Theseus, it follows him as he confronts the evil King Hyperion in his goal for world domination. Theseus is […]