Environmental awareness fosters behavior changes

April is the month most associated with environmentalism and “green” efforts because of Arbor Day and Earth Day. Arbor Day was established in 1872 by J. Sterling Morton in Nebraska City, Nebraska, and resulted in nearly 1 million trees being planted. By 1920, each state in the U.S. had an Arbor Day date for their […]

Spring brings b”boo-coo” banquets

Chelsea Ratterman,  Assistant Editor Banquet season is here it seems. The Mass Communications Banquet and the Student Life banquet were both recently held, with the latter announcing the annual “Club of the Year” award, this year going to the Hispanic Student Association. The Student Life banquet, held Monday, April 23 in the Main Dining Room, […]

Walking the path of recovery

By: Logan Pierce, Editor-in-Chief NorthCare. The panel was there to field questions regarding issues pertaining to mental health from the nursing science program students in attendance. The panel consisted of five individuals from NorthCare’s Unity House, a psychiatric Social Rehabilitation day program. Frank Young, Jacob Zelk, Lynn Ratliff, Tasha Austin and Peggy Blanton shared their […]

Everything Happens in Threes

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor The 2011 awards season officially wrapped up with the 84th Annual Academy Awards. Coming out of it there were the obligatory best and worst dressed lists, accompanied by the “In Memoriam” to remember those that passed within the last year. Not all who died made the lists, but the more notable […]

Personhood Bills take forefront in debates

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor Social issues have always been a political ploy used by candidates running for office to avoid the real issues, but this year’s use of women’s rights has been, if anything, frightening. During the past year, bills have been introduced into state and national legislation that focus on birth control, abortion, and other […]

Health fair educates public

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor For many, spring is a time of rejuvenation and animation. The air fills with warm scents as flowers bloom, and lawns are trimmed. It is also a time to get a check up and make sure the body stays healthy. Offering the public awareness information Midwest Regional Medical Center and RSC […]

Loop holes create profits for unlawful individuals

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor The truth of the matter In the 1997 movie “Liar Liar” Jim Carrey stars as Fletcher Reede a fast track lawyer who cannot lie for 24 hours. In one scene Fletcher’s secretary asks if he thought it was right that her neighbor was sued because a robber had fallen through her […]

Post 9/11 GI Bill poses challenges for vets

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor Bureaucracy is often as annoying as finger nails scraping against a chalkboard. Ideally the bureaucratic system is designed to prevent malicious laws from being created in a fastidious manner that would inhibit and limit an individual’s civil rights. More often than not however, the bureaucratic system is used to prevent or […]

Scientific knowledge exhibited at elementary science fair

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor Children from Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Nicoma Park School, Pleasant Hill Elementary School, and Traub Elementary School participated in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) science fair held in the main dining hall. Nicoma Park Intermediate took home the award for most awards with 15 students receiving an award for […]

Silent Hill rerelease revives survival horror

Luke Pierce, Volunteer Writer The “Silent Hill” video game series, for the most part, has stayed vastly different from its survival horror peers. While most games like “Resident Evil” have left their survival horror roots and leaned more toward action games with horror aspects, “Silent Hill” has tried to remain true to what made it […]