Poll Question: Friday, Sept. 24

40th birthday as hectic as day one: September 21, 1970

By: Brittany McDaniel, news editor & Bryan Trude, feature editor At first glance, the birthday bash for RSC’s 40th Anniversary looked like any other. Like many birthday parties, there were balloons, cake, punch and music. Leadership students involved in the planning were dressed in tie-dye shirts, as was Dr. Jeanie Webb, one very excited vice […]

Briefly Speaking Friday, Sept. 24

Health Sciences Information Session The Health Sciences division is holding an information session at 12:30 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. Tues, October 5 in the Student Center Main Dining Room. The session will include information about the admission and application process, curriculum and pre-requisites, among other things. Students may attend either the afternoon or evening session; […]

Team building construction stressed during workshop

Students participate in the annual Student Leadership Retreat.

Weather, fun, and games

Missing your crossword, sudoku, weather, or “Calamities” this week. Then, look no further. Download a PDF version of your favorite features by following the link: 9-24-10

Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice visits campus.

The Midwest City Rotary Club hosts annual Constitution Day event at RSC Monday, Sept. 20.

Life is not all fiesta; It’s learning too

By: Bryan Trude, feature editor Nine members of the RSC faculty and staff put their Hispanic knowledge, and their reputations, to the test Thursday, Sept. 16 in the Student Center Main Dining Room as served as the panel for “Hollywood Squares” to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Teams from the Aquatic Center Life Guards, the Hispanic […]

Call for Global Oklahoma volunteers

Volunteers needed for Global Oklahoma.

Special Delivery! Donuts distributed on campus for celebration

RSC celebrated its 40th anniversary with a variety of activities Tuesday, Sept. 21. Of the many festivities planned was a breakfast delivery of donuts to various campus offices. For more photos of the events check out the 40th Anniversary Birthday Bash album.

College recognizes 40 years of talent

Art show features artist from throughout RSC history.