Music Stand: Inspiration from unlikely source supplies hope

It’s human nature to want to win. It doesn’t matter what you win, or who your competition was, as long as you’re the victor; the last man standing in the end. But how many people really do the footwork to get to the winner’s circle? How many endless hours does it take to get there, […]

Campus premieres Festival of Modern Music

By: Miranda Liming, Editor in Chief The first Festival of Modern Music, showcasing RSC music students, faculty and alumni, was held Sat., April 23, in the newly renovated amphitheater. Attendees gained free admission and were able to see the five RSC born and bred bands Jess & Johnny, the RSC Jazz Ensemble, The Denuo Project, Angelical […]

Senate welcomes newest executives

By: Miranda Liming, editor-in-chief Senate inducted the newest batch of executive officers and presented two pieces of legislations Tues., April 19, during their regularly scheduled meeting. Senator Jaeton Cary, liberal arts major, accepted the position of Student Senate President. Senator Tori Atkinson, nursing science major, became the Vice President of senate. Student Mitch Wynn, business […]

Dream Machine allows for easy recycling, going green

By: Bryan Trude, Assistant Editor The campus’ Green Team, in conjunction with the Waste Management Corporation and PepsiCo, cut the ribbon on the first official RSC Dream Machine Tues., April 12. The Dream Machine, located inside the Student Center’s east entrance, is a recycling kiosk allowing users to obtain points redeemable for coupons, discounts and […]

Music Stand: Record label hypocrisy stoke LimeWire desire

By: Miranda Liming, Editor-in-Chief I am a music addict. It’s true, and the first step is admitting you have a problem. This is my admission. Every once in a great while I have the feeling that I’ve become stale in my music tastes, or I’ve listened to my collection to the point where, even when […]

Editorial: National awareness hopes to stir campus body

April is national poetry, organ donation, irritable bowel syndrome, STD awareness, child abuse awareness, stress awareness and mathematics awareness month. These are not all, but are the most celebrated throughout the country. With all the noble causes that rest upon April’s weary shoulders, we have picked organ donation for a reason: to reaffirm the fact […]

Music Stand: Tax season turns into evasions season in Hollywood

Miranda Liming, Editor-in-Chief In Oklahoma we call this season spring, or tornado season. The movie industry calls it the low season, and the government calls it tax time. That’s right, it’s tax season, and if you haven’t gathered those forms and fake receipts, now is the time, for you only have 7 days left. If […]

New step-by-step

By: Miranda Liming, Editor-in-Chief   After months of trying to navigate through the new maze of, many students and faculty are still asking, “How do you check email?” For your convenience, we have perfected the “how-to” on the new online face of RSC. The Home Page: After typing in, the newest, most colorful […]

Organ donation in Oklahoma

. . Interesting fact: humans are born with two eyes, two kidneys, and two lungs, only one of each is absolutely necessary for survival. We are also equipped with a regenerative liver that can grow back the donated portion in about two months. . By: Miranda Liming, Editor-in-Chief As of April 1, 2011, over 110,000 […]

New on Netflix: Soon to be “New on Hulu?”

By: Bryan Trude, assistant editor Despite having a column that is firmly attached to a corporate teat at levels unheard of since my infancy, this level of corporate shilling gives me a unique platform to address certain items of entertainment news that reshape the entire playing field. Recently, Netflix announced the purchase of its first completely […]