Obama Inaugural speech hits controversial points

President Barack Obama took his second Oath of Office on January 21, the celebration falling on the same day the nation was honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Obama took his oath upon both the Lincoln Bible and MLK Jr.’s bible, to honor men he has cited as influences upon his term as President. In a […]

2012 Election results

Election season is over! No more TV ads, phone calls or emails asking for support or donations. President Barack Obama was re-elected, but that wasn’t the biggest news of the night.  The presidential race was tight at the beginning and then widened at the end in the presidents favor. President Obama took home 303 electoral […]

Presidential Debates

Missed the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates? Here are the transcripts from the Commission of Presidential Debates site. Check back later for the newest from Tuesday night! http://www.debates.org/index.php?page=debate-transcripts

How the presidential candidates weigh in

  Chelsea Ratterman Editor In Chief  How the presidential candidates weigh in Now that we have passed the convention stage, the candidates will be out in full force campaigning. The question most often asked is, how do they line up against each other? How they answer this question may be the deciding factor come November 6.

A day without school is a day wasted

Dennis Gosnell Assignment Editor A day without school is a day wasted Over the last decade or two legislators have created and voted on educational reform bills to ensure that the youth of today become socially productive tomorrow.

Contentious groups in government

Dennis Gosnell Assistant Editor Contentious groups in government On Feb. 3, 1984 Charlie Reese, a former columnist for the Orlando Sentinel, wrote an article called, “545 vs. 300,000,000”. In this article, Reese expressed his views concerning the dispersion of accountability in government.