U.S. Rep. Cole sees 20112 presidential election as a referendum on Obama

U.S. Rep. Tom Cole addresses RSC students in an open forum format. Photo by Logan Pierce

By: Logan Pierce, Editor-in-Chief On March 13, U.S. Rep. Tom Cole met with members of the Student Senate to field questions relating to the political season and government policy. Cole talked about the President’s tax plan. “People will be waiting on the election,” Cole said, “The winner will determine the course for this country.” No […]

Netiquette gives email boundaries

By:Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor Etiquette is hardly a foreign word in society. While many think it has gone to the wayside, it is still very much present, only transformed to fit the times. Since the 1960s, manners have become more relaxed, and are based on treating everyone with kindness and respect. Eating with elbows on […]

Kony 2012 ignites armchair activism

By: Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor Activism has always been a part of human nature. Whether righting a wrong, helping someone or raising money for a worthwhile cause, there is always something for those who want to be involved. By definition, “activism” is the intentional effort to promote, impede or direct change, and comes in many […]

Burroughs breed movie timed badly

By: Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor Based on the century old “Barsoom” series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, “John Carter” is Disney’s first entry into the 2012 blockbuster season. The book series inspired the Star Wars films and James Cameron’s “Avatar,” and many others in the science fiction genre. The movie follows Capt. John Carter, who has […]

Waste not, want not, because time is nonrefundable

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor Time comes and it goes, there never seems to be enough of it when it is really needed. On March 8, Philip Troutman, student success academic advisor, presented the “Time Management” workshop. Troutman laid out seven steps to help students, staff, and faculty successfully manage their time. It’s not always easy […]

21st Century Activism needs basis in fact not fiction

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor Activism has always been an important part of American culture. Whether it was the forefathers standing up to Great Britain, African Americans standing up in protest of segregation and prejudice, or even now the 99 percent standing up to the one percent of Wall Street. In this way, activism holds a special […]

From the sandbox to the web, Minecraft sweeps across the world

By: Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor In the video game industry, a game’s graphics and difficulty are what set it apart. For Minecraft, it is the simplistic sophistication of both the graphics and the free building concept that allows players to build a world from their imagination. In May of 2009, Swedish creator Markus “Notch” Persson […]

Oklahoma uses the Internet to create a hiring frenzy

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor In a time when people are looking for employment and job security, the state is opening an avenue to bring employers and job seekers together at the state level. This year Governor Mary Fallin and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce launched an agenda entitled “A More Prosperous Oklahoma.” From this agenda […]

Stereotype snubbed at personhood protest

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor It seems that this election cycle has brought a number of social issues to the forefront. One that has been heavily debated is the issue of “personhood” and the ramifications of such bills within government. Is it an overreach of the state or federal government to determine when life begins? Or […]

Rumbling both above and below

By: Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief A new and revised program is planned for geoscience majors starting in the Fall 2012 semester. Dr. Wayne Jones, dean of engineering and science, has worked closely with the new geosciences curriculum. “This program has great potential for our students and for this region of the country,” Jones said, “Between exploring […]