The Village officially opens

By: Taylor Phillips, editor-in-chief

The Village at Rose State had its grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony August 27. Students and faculty gathered to hear President Jeanie Webb and others speak. President Webb started out by giving credit to everyone who made housing possible.


Student housing was inspired by and created for students. President Webb calls the decision to have student housing an “out of the box decision.” She then tells how the decision to have student housing was made.


The Village is home to 180 students and is 100 percent full but does have a waiting list. The Village offers two different sizes of apartments: two bed with two baths and four beds with two baths. Each apartment is fully furnished and has a kitchen with a stove, dishwasher and microwave. The two bed with two bath is 782 square feet and $3,000 a semester, while the four bed with two bath is 1,275 square feet and $2,750 a semester.


Also available at The Village is the clubhouse. Included in the clubhouse is a lounge, a study room and laundry facility with washers and dryers. The washer and dryers cost $1.25 each.


President Webb said that student housing is “historical, exciting, [and] the future of Rose State.”


Chancellor of the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education, Glen Johnson, said that housing will give it’s residents the skills to become “engaged citizens [and] community leaders” and encouraged them to “enjoy this time, live life to the fullest and make your memories count.”


He goes on to say that many of the memories and friends that students and residents make during this time will be among some of the best they will make.


President Webb also mentioned that this is not the end of new and exciting things coming to Rose State College, “Keep your news on, there is more to come at Rose State.”

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