Little robots make big differences

Dennis Gosnell Assistant Editor   It has been said that the small things in life are what make life worth living; Larry Johnson, Engineering Major, explained just how far technology has come in creating very small things to make life better.   What exactly is Nanotechnology? Nanotechnology can be described as the study in the […]

Microsoft surfaces with new tablet

Dennis Gosnell Assistant Editor With the success of Apple’s iPad, many other companies are seeking to compete in the growing tablet market. Microsoft is no exception. On Oct. 26, Microsoft released a new line of mobile tablets called the Surface. This device, like the iPad, looks to give consumers something unique and life changing. Microsoft […]

Sony’s attempt at unlimited gaming

Dennis Gosnell Assignment Editor Those of you who are avid gamers may know about Sony’s PlayStation Networks, PlayStation Plus. For those gamers who do not know, PlayStation Plus is a PSN paid service. This service gives users the opportunity to receive auto-updates of games, an assortment of free games, select 20 – 80% discounts for […]

iPhone 5 set sales records, stocks sink

Chelsea Ratterman Editor-In- Chief Sales for the new Apple iPhone 5 skyrocketed past its predecessor’s sales with ease during the Aug. 21 weekend. The iPhone 5 set sales records, selling 5 million iPhones within 3 days. The iPhone 4S sold 4 million its opening weekend. Sales followed a pre-order marathon from consumers, who preordered two […]

Apple continues to raise the ante

Chelsea Ratterman, Editor-in-chief  Apple continues to raise the ante Apple unveiled its new iPhone to the world Wednesday, Sept. 12. CEO Tim Cook took the stage to introduce the product and laid to rest some of the rumors that have been swirling since the day after the iPhone 4S came out.

Samsung loses patent battle with Apple

­­­Chelsea Ratterman Editor-in-chief  Samsung loses patent battle with Apple A court case between Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics may have determined the future of the smartphone market. In a patent and trademark infringement case against Samsung, Apple was awarded $1.05 billion dollars in damages, one of the largest intellectual-property awards on record. Samsung, a publicly […]