Campus Security Rushes to Students Aid

Narges Taghavi, Feature Editor

Oct. 16 campus police and RSC students responded to a report of a missing child.  The mother found a female campus security guard and got the campus police and Midwest City Police department to search the campus for her child.

Within minutes campus security and Midwest City Police officers searched the area where the child was last seen. The child was found in the Student Center behind the piano unharmed and was safely returned to their parent.

“My suggest[ion] to other Rose State students whether they have children or not is to have campus security on their contact of their cell phones. So that way if there was an emergency [of] any kind then they can call for help if they weren’t near one of those emergency phone buttons.”

Numbers to know 
Rose State security: 733-7313

Midwest City emergency police and fire: 911

Midwest City police: 739-1300

Midwest City fire department: 739-1354

Emergency Procedures (from Student Services page)

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