The last doughboy: The life and times of Frank Buckles

By: Logan Pierce, assignment editor “He wanted to serve his nation. He was young and looking for adventure.” “He never said it was difficult. War forged character in him.” In 1917 he sailed over to Europe on the Carpathia, the ocean liner responsible for rescuing survivors of the Titanic five years earlier. “He went from […]

Editorial: Discrimination through advertising poses question to RSC

RSC has no shortage of diversity. Wherever you go, there is someone who doesn’t look like anyone else. And this is something to be proud of. Our campus caters to the everyman: tall, short, black, white, et cetera. We are the community college of choice, where people from all walks of life choose to attend […]

Poetry at Rose

By: Brittany McDaniel, news editor The 23rd annual Poetry at Rose showcased a variety of written talents Fri., March 4, including original pieces by English professors Noelle Burr, Kristin Hahn and Trixie Walther. Among the featured guests were The Quartet, a four-poet group founded in 2006 by Carl Sennhenn, professor of English, Carol Hamilton, former Poet […]

New on Netflix: “Zany platoon buddies” uplifts columnists’ spirits

A drawback of movie reviewing that uses a medium allowing one to pick and choose material is the overabundance of choice. Too often, I’m up in the wee hours Monday morning, trying to decide which of the various movies and TV shows I’ve watched over the past week is deserving of getting praised, slammed, or […]

EDITORIAL: Bleak future to come from budget cuts

Teachers get a bad rap, and not just from students. Many parents, community members and average Joe’s have had their own experiences with teachers in the past, arguing over bad grades and missed assignments. But there are many teachers that can be recalled after a 20-year gap in relationship from former, and some present, students. […]

Lecture talks WikiLeaks and subsequent protests for democracy – DRAFT

By: Brittany McDaniel, news editor Ben Fenwick, coordinator of public affairs, discussed the significant impart technology has on democracy, Wed., Feb. 23, during the Great Issues Lecture Series, posing the question, “Does technology help democracy?” At the heart of the discussion was the current uprising of protestors in the Middle East. The highly publicized release […]

Leadership Boot Camp

By: Bryan Trude, assistant editor Around 150 high school seniors from about the Oklahoma City metro area attended the 2011 Leadership Boot Camp, hosted by the RSC Ambassadors and Leadership students Fri., Feb. 25, in the Professional Training and Education Center. “[We do this] to prepare the students for college, to help them with that […]

New on Netflix: I have to admit, dear readers that I find myself in a quandary.

By: Bryan Trude, assistant editor While anyone who ever achieved space in a publication to write reviews will tell you writing negative ones are much more fun than positive ones, it’s not that I go out of my way to watch things I would hate. I try to like what I watch so I can […]

First ever Rose Review

By: Bryan Trude, assistant editor A multitude of performances were showcased during the first Rose Review Talent Show, Thurs., Feb. 24, in the Student Center’s Main Dining Room. The free-of-cost show featured 14 acts ranging from musical, dance, sign language, poetry and cheer routines. “[The show] was great,” President Britton said, who attended with wife […]

Time management workshop stresses organization

By: Brittany McDaniel, feature editor Amber Mitchell, director of student support services, hosted the Time Management workshop Tues., Feb. 24, helping students to learn the basic principles of managing a busy schedule. Mitchell started out by giving attendees a tangible example. “Imagine there is a back that credits your account with $86,400 each morning, but […]