Sony’s attempt at unlimited gaming

Dennis Gosnell

Assignment Editor

Those of you who are avid gamers may know about Sony’s PlayStation Networks, PlayStation Plus. For those gamers who do not know, PlayStation Plus is a PSN paid service.

This service gives users the opportunity to receive auto-updates of games, an assortment of free games, select 20 – 80% discounts for PlayStation Store purchases, and access to online console game betas.

One such game is EVE’s new first person shooter EVE: DUST 514. DUST 514 is a first person multiplayer shooter game in which players have a choice of joining the fight for control in the EVE universe.  It is basically a bunch of guys shooting each other over and over again in the name of glory.

There are those out there that may like these types of games, and that is fine, they just don’t suit my gaming tastes. The PSN has different game beta’s available at different times; users just have to keep a look out for their types of games.

The free games that are offered for the month of Sept. are Little Big Planet 2, Bloodrayne Betrayal, Ratchet and Clank All4One, and inFAMOUS 2. Other games that users can download free include Double Dragon Neon, Scott Pilgrim, Outland, Space Marine, Renegade Ops, Pac Man, and CQ Sideway.

The auto-updates option enables users to select a time each night they would like to have game updates automatically begin. Generally games requiring an update will notify users of an update when they start to play a game.

The drawbacks to this service are that it cost money. Yet, nothing in life is free right?  Gamers who want to use this service should know that there are two options for payment, 3-months or 12-months.  The 3-month service plan costs $17.99 and gives the gamer three months of service.

While the 12-month plan costs $49.99, gives the gamer twelve months of service. Those interested in purchasing this service can do so through the PlayStation Store, or through stores like Best Buy and Game Stop.

It would seem that Sony and the higher ups of the PSN are looking any way to profit and that by giving their customers these service perks they are keeping up with companies like Game Fly, who like Netflix have a home delivery service for new and popular games.  Game Fly’s cheap and quick service is a challenge that Sony and PSN must meet else they may lose a good portion of their profits.

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