Zombie love story provides alternative date fare

  Chelsea Ratterman  Editor in Chief    Perhaps you’ve heard of a little film franchise called “Twilight.” Well, meet its counterpart, “Warm Bodies.” Another book to film teen romance, this one deals with the bottom tier of the supernatural world, the zombie. And perhaps might also serve as an alternative film for your Valentine’s Day […]

Curtains close on the Twilight Saga

Chelsea Ratterman Editor In Chief  “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2” is the end of another book to film era. Only a year after the “Harry Potter” books left theatres, Bella and Edward faced their final challenge and depart from the big screen. Picking up where the last movie picked up, Bella Swan has […]

A look back at the Twilight Saga

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor With the beginning of the end looming for the “Twilight Saga,” fans are reliving the phenomenon that swept the world in 2006. In the middle of the “Potter” craze that lasted a decade came “Twilight” and it’s sequels “New Moon,” “Eclipse,” and then the highly anticipated conclusion “Breaking Dawn.” The last […]