What does the term “Online Piracy” mean to you?

What’s your favorite doomsday theory?

What do you think about the Cybersecurity and Information Freedom act of 2011?

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Black Friday is just around the corner, what are you planning to do?

A new team at rose?

Campus Chat: Who are you dressing up as this Halloween?

I am going as Sally from a Nightmare before Christmas, because she’s awesome and I couldn’t go as Jack. Kalan O’Dell, criminal justice major     I am going as Luigi, so I can find the Princess. Christopher Doiron, liberal studies major     I’m going as Fiona, a French maid. My friend didn’t want […]

Midwest City to retire old water tower, what should be built in its place?

Tell us why its important for you to “Finish what you start”

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Getting hitched