A look back at the Twilight Saga

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor

With the beginning of the end looming for the “Twilight Saga,” fans are reliving the phenomenon that swept the world in 2006. In the middle of the “Potter” craze that lasted a decade came “Twilight” and it’s sequels “New Moon,” “Eclipse,” and then the highly anticipated conclusion “Breaking Dawn.”

The last book was released a month before the first movie, and was a stunning conclusion to the love story between a mortal and a vampire. While vampires are nothing new to popular culture, Twilight’s golden-eyed “vegetarian vampires” became an instant obsession for teens and adults alike.

The series was written by Stephenie Meyer, whose story of the pair was the result of a dream she had. The books were first optioned by MTV, and when negotiations with them collapsed, Summit Entertainment, a fairly new production company, stepped up to make the film.

Catherine Hardwick directed the first film and the movie opened to the biggest release for a female director, a $400 million haul. The movie stars of the movie, Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, were brought into the international limelight.

The first movie established the love story, and the feel of danger the couple is ultimately in throughout the series; resulting from Edwards’s bloodlust and outside forces working against them.

We are introduced to Laurent, James and Victoria, who became one of the main antagonists for the next two movies. James’ death at the hands of the Cullen’s for hunting Bella leads to Victoria’s later attacks on the coven.

In “New Moon” the Quileute tribe is brought into the movie in full, for their role in the supernatural world. They are shape shifters who turn into wolves to protect their tribe from “the cold ones;” the vampires of their tribes’ stories.

When Edward departs from Forks because of a near fatal accident, he leaves Bella unprotected, and the pack steps up, which begins a full love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob.

The Volturi, the ruling vampires, are introduced as well in “New Moon” when Bella must save Edward from committing an action that could lead to both his, and her, death. From this point on, the Volturi become the main protagonists of the series.

“Eclipse” is the third in the series and is the conclusion of the Victoria storyline. The Cullen’s have returned and Victoria is now a prominent threat, having created an army to attack the clan of vampires. She is seeking revenge for the death of her mate James, and her target is Bella, with a sort of twist on Hammurabi’s Law of an eye for an eye, she believes it to be a mate for a mate. When the coven and the pack join forces, they successfully eliminate the army, and Victoria falls at the hands of Edward.

The Volturi once again show up, moments after the battle is over, which leads to suspicions of the Volturi’s motives. A promise was made at the end of “new Moon” that Bella would become a vampire. They are checking to see if this promise has been fulfilled, under orders of Caius, one of the three brothers. The movie ends with a marriage proposal, to which Bella answers yes.

“Breaking Dawn,” which has been split into two movies, picks up days before the wedding of the two. The events of this book brings the ire of the Volturi down on the coven more than ever, and causes a split of the pack. Just a spoiler: everyone gets their happy ending, except the Volturi.

All opening weekends have broken box office records, and this opening is not to be any different. With tickets going on sale October 1, theatres are reporting that nearly 75% of their ticket sales for the past month have been “Breaking Dawn” tickets. The camp outs for the midnight show will begin early Thursday afternoon, and the beginning of the end will hopefully satisfy the craze, at least until next year.

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