New Years Revolutions 2011

People around the world make New Year’s resolutions at the close of each year. In December of 2010, the Middle East set a course of New Year’s revolutions, which directly affected more than 15 different countries in that region throughout 2011. While not desirable, history has shown time and again that revolution is essential to […]


As in the past Rose State College will extend hours of operation for the two weeks prior to and the first two weeks of the 2012 Spring Session.  This will provide extended service hours during the busiest time of enrollment and during the “drop and add” period. Monday, January 9, 2012 through Friday, February 3, […]

Semester in photos

The Fall 2011 semester is at its end, so here are some pics for a quick look back!

MoVember for men’s health

MoVember ended on Nov. 30 and the winners were named. The charity event was  held to help raise awareness for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer. The organization MoVember, in partnership with the Lance Armstrong Association, LIVESTRONG, and the Prostate Cancer Foundation provides money to be used in programs for research and education on […]

Midwest City opens new Ice Skating Rink

Those interested in a unique wintertime experience, may want to try Midwest City’s newest fun spot: the ice skating rink. The rink is officially named “Chick-fil-A at Midwest City presents Holiday Ice” and is located in the Midwest City Town Square. While technically not made of ice, the rink is actually made of a plastic […]

What’s your favorite doomsday theory?

Government heavy handedness rings in a new year

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor This year the legislative powers that be have been busy trying to put extreme emergency measures of authority into the hands of a few. If passed these powers grant the government the ability to take control of any and all systems of information or news, which could isolate people’s ability to gather […]

A romance for the ages; Jewish Songwriters of America

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor From 1910 – 1965 the Jewish community of America pulled together and created a collection of musical artistry that helped create a lasting and strong community. Songwriters such as Irving Berlin, Rodgers and Hart, Rodgers and Hammerstein, and George Gershwin, created a legacy of American entertainment with culture and grace. The travelling […]

Safety announcement

Attention students, faculty, staff, and guests. Half of the overflow parking lot lights are not working due to a burned up underground line. An OG&E representative said he would try to expedite the repair. Also, some of the lights in the parking area around the Children’s Development and Learning Center (CDLC) are temporarily down. For […]

“Hugo” uses 3D to depict the magic of movies

By: Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief “Hugo” is Martin Scorsese’s first PG-rated film in 18 years, and while appealing to general audiences, Scorsese has made one of his most personal films to date. The opening scene of “Hugo” evokes memories of Scorsese’s iconic “steady cam” shot from “Goodfellas.” The camera is at eye level, as it briskly […]