Sports complex in the works

By Alex Roberts

Assistant Editor   —

On Aug. 14 Athletic Director Joey DaVault presented the Athletics Initiative, explaining the development of a new sports complex for RSC.

The complex will benefit all RSC sports. DaVault said the initial estimate cost of the complex is $600,000.

The complex will include a soccer stadium and a practice field for the men’s and women’s soccer teams. This fall, both teams will play their home games on the field that will eventually become the practice field.

Head coach of women’s soccer, Damon Solomon, is optimistic about the new complex.

“Hopefully, it will be the best field in the region,” Solomon said.

Athletics Initiative

Joey DaVault explains the plans for the new sports complex at the Athletics Initiative on Aug. 14. Photo by Alex Roberts

DaVault said the plan will eventually open up new revenue streams. He also said RSC will be upgrading the sports facilities to help recruitment and to hopefully host high school tournaments in the future.

To fund the project, RSC is hoping to receive donations for naming rights to the complex and the individual fields, DaVault said.

Along with hiring head coaches for the men’s and women’s soccer teams, RSC also hired assistant coaches. DaVault said this is the first time RSC has hired assistant coaches.

“We are in great shape as far as experience for developing our teams,” DaVault said.

Changes have also been occurred for baseball and softball. This summer, the baseball field was stripped and resurfaced and the softball field received an improved drainage system.











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