Rowdy Raids the Communications Center

Jennifer Byrd

Rowdy is arguably the most famous guy on campus. Everyone knows who he is; he knows how
to have a good time, and let’s face it, the ladies think he’s cute! The life of the party, the best
wingman in history, everybody loves Rowdy.
Never one to leave well enough alone, Rowdy decided it was time to elevate his celebrity status
even higher, so he headed over to the Communications Center for some much-needed arts

David Gedosh may look like a more demur and less-tattooed version of the college’s last music
professor, but when he and Rowdy get in the studio you never know what mind-blowing rhythms
will ensue. Besides Rowdy’s own piano prowess, Gedosh can rip guitar chords with Jimi
Hendrix-styled madness and play just about every instrument known to man. He and Rowdy
transform into artistic beasts with no regard for mediocrity when they practice together. The
dynamic duo also share a gift for production, so they headed to the mixer after their jam session
and cut some tracks. Rowdy is now ready for his world tour.

Rowdy Piano

Our fearless mascot was somewhat worn out by his music-infused morning, yet he carried on and
delved further into the arts. He dabbled in some pottery and painting action, embracing his inner
Picasso and loving every minute of it.

Rowdy Paint
Empowered by his conquests, Rowdy decided he would go see Cherry Aguilar, photography
professor, in the darkroom. Rowdy is usually scared of the dark, but he thinks developing pictures is one of the most awesome activities on campus. Rowdy also likes checking out his
classmates’ photos. Many of them are so awe inspiring they end up in the school’s annual
Pegasus journal. Rowdy thinks being a published artist is a super-sweet success, and he can’t
wait to attend the unveiling in the spring.

Rowdy Photo
After developing a few pictures, Rowdy remembered that he needed to get a part-time job, so he
swaggered over to the PR and Marketing Department. Ben Fenwick, PR coordinator, interviewed
Rowdy and showed him around the office. Rowdy is a hard worker as well as a marketing
master, so he anticipates Fenwick calling with an offer of employment very soon.
For Rowdy’s last raider-like deed, he slid down the banister of the Performing Arts Center, since
he’s been banned from such actions at the LRC. The PAC isn’t technically the same building as
the CC, but it’s basically the same building. With that in mind, Rowdy “broke on through to the
other side” to quote Jim Morrison, and got his slide on.

Due to an overwhelming amount of requests, the next raid on Rowdy’s list is the Health Sciences
Center. Will it be the Oct. 8 information sessions, or will it occur on just a random day? Only
Rowdy knows for sure.

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