Surveying sites for cinema structure

Demolition of Midwest City’s sixty-four year old landmark raises speculation about what will be erected in its place.

With the demolition of the old Bomber water tower on the horizon, the question is what is going to happen with the land. The tower, along with the old City Hall complex and the Westside Elementary School, are the most recent acquisitions of Midwest City in their Town Center plans. What is going to go in all these blank spaces?
There are a few choices, such as new retail, a new restaurant, that long awaited book store, or better yet, a movie theatre. While any of the above would be excellent additions to the 29th Street complex, a movie theatre seems to have the biggest movement. Online, there has been something of a petition started for AMC to bring one of its branches here. Other AMC locations in the area are at Crossroads and Quail Springs, the latter maintaining a steady flow of customers in the Edmond area.
Can a theater survive here? There have already been multiple theaters in Midwest City, but none have survived the commercialization and the influx of mega theaters to the OKC Metro area, as well as lack of upkeep on the part of owners. Harkins, the Warren Theater and the newly renovated Tinseltown would offer competition, but the Tinker crowds and numbers of students from the high school and the college would provide decent attendance.
Movie theater admissions are one of the highest revenue streams in the nation, selling 1.34 billion tickets in the U.S. and Canada in 2010, based on the MPAA Theatrical Market Standards, with $10.6 billion dollars being brought in.
Harkins theatre in downtown OKC is approximately a 15-minute drive from the RSC campus. Having a theater in Midwest City would be convenient for adolescents and adults, as well as provide entertainment for the younger age groups in the city.
Theaters host special events during the summer and other times of the year, such as the Summer Movie Fun Lineup at Harkins where kid friendly movies such as Shrek and Yogi Bear entertains for a $1 per showing. The new space opened up by the city may not be the size for a theater the size of Harkins and Tinseltown, but could open the discussion to bring a business that garners large amounts of revenue to our growing community. A theater would definitely be a welcome addition.

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