Rose Café morphs into the Java Rose

Investors seek coffee perks

By: Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor

Many of you may have noticed that the current Java Rose is distinctly different from the former Rose Café.  The transformation happened over the summer break as Carson’s Catering Services took over the management of the cafeteria and Rose Café.

The newly dubbed Java Rose serves Starbucks coffee and associated items such as muffins, salads, and pastries.  “We took what worked for OCCC and brought it to the Java Rose,” Kristen Starkz, manager of Java Rose, said.

The convenience of being able to get coffee and food seems to be a positive selling point for the night class students on campus. “I’ve had a lot of customers over the last couple of weeks and got a lot of positive feedback,” Starkz said.

Students, faculty, and staff may have noticed the high prices in Java Rose.  “The pricing of the Java Rose are the same as those on the OCCC campus which has been popular among students there,” Starkz said.

The difference in pricing is in the packaging of the food.  Before the transition, a customer would be able to get a basket deal where a hamburger and order of fries was offered together instead of separately.  Now there are no combined prices for the food.

The drawbacks for some students who visit Java Rose may be the price of the gourmet coffee. “Why would I buy a $5 dollar coffee from Starbucks when I can get a $10 dollar bag of Millstone and it tastes just as good,” Melissa Buchanan, Pre-education major said. The distinction in coffee comes from the type of coffee bean and its differing effects.

Espresso, which is used in much of the Starbucks and Java Rose coffees, is more stimulating than that of regular coffee.  The amount of espresso used in a cappuccino is less than the amount of milk used because of its potency.  Many cultures have differing versions of espresso, for instance Arabic coffee has ten times the jolt that espresso does and consequently is served in smaller portions.

Other negative responses to Java Rose have been attributed to the portions, or serving sizes, of its food.  An increase in cost of groceries is apparent throughout the state and the nation; and reflects Java Rose’s needed price increase.

While the trend of gourmet coffee may not suit some, avid coffee enthusiasts will help keep Java Rose profitable.

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