Technology may not assist note taking

By Terrie O’Connor Student Reporter  Modern technology has advantages, but when it comes to note taking, which is better; pen and paper, or modern technology?   Two psychological scientists, Pam Mueller of Princeton University and Daniel Pooenheimer of the University of California, Los Angeles, conducted a study based on the quality of learning regarding the […]

Great Study Spots

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor Finals and the end of semester have snuck upon us. This begins the crunch time for students to get prepared for the tests and papers that could make or break their grade. In this highly technological age, the Internet is a must have to even access the study guides and assignments […]

Hispanic Student Association aims to make a difference

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor The annual Club of the Year award was given out at the Student Life Banquet on Monday, April 23. This year the honor went to the Hispanic Student Association. The honor is awarded based on a point system, and a list of events that are eligible for points that school year, […]