Math drives more careers than imaginable

Professor of Sociology Tara Hall presents her math and sociology presentation at the Math Drives Careers workshop. (Photo by Marisa Caban)

By Marisa Caban Chief Photographer–   Math Awareness Month was honored on April 14 in the Tinker Terrance Room. Andrea Xeriland, coordinator of the Mathematics Department, hosted the Math Awareness Month talk titled “Math Drives Careers.” Professors of Cybersecurity, Sociology, Music and Meteorology programs spoke about math, how it affects their careers and presented their experiences […]

Rumbling both above and below

By: Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief A new and revised program is planned for geoscience majors starting in the Fall 2012 semester. Dr. Wayne Jones, dean of engineering and science, has worked closely with the new geosciences curriculum. “This program has great potential for our students and for this region of the country,” Jones said, “Between exploring […]

Oklahoma rocked by 5.6-magnitude earthquake

By: Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief Remember, remember, the fifth of November As preparations were made for daylight savings time in Oklahoma, the clocks weren’t the only things that fell back. This was due to a record-breaking 5.6-magnitude earthquake, which occurred Saturday. Geologists believe the 4.7-magnitude earthquake, which hit early Saturday morning, was a foreshock for the […]