National Condom Week Tips

Jennifer Byrd News Editor Feb 14 – 21 was National Condom Week in the United States.  Started by University of California-Berkley students in 1978, National Condom Week has become a nation wide awareness campaign and is always celebrated during the week of Valentine’s Day. Colleges, universities, high schools, AIDS organizations, STD organizations, family planning organizations and […]

Pro Choice by principle

Chelsea Ratterman Editor in Chief Pro Choice by principle The GOP has attempted to draw in women voters, to close the gender gap that pushed President Obama to the 2008 win, but their recently reaffirmed views on women might make that gap grow even more. The platform the GOP approved calls for a constitutional amendment […]

Personhood Bills take forefront in debates

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor Social issues have always been a political ploy used by candidates running for office to avoid the real issues, but this year’s use of women’s rights has been, if anything, frightening. During the past year, bills have been introduced into state and national legislation that focus on birth control, abortion, and other […]