New Years Revolutions 2011

People around the world make New Year’s resolutions at the close of each year. In December of 2010, the Middle East set a course of New Year’s revolutions, which directly affected more than 15 different countries in that region throughout 2011. While not desirable, history has shown time and again that revolution is essential to […]

Identifying Anonymous: An idealistic enigma

Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief For more than five years the quasi-group Anonymous’ unique brand of hacking has left an indelible mark on Internet culture. Portions of their influence eventually seeped into the real world. While Anonymous boasts no formal organization or leadership, it has adopted certain icons, including the image of a faceless business suit and […]

A night at the occupation

By Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor Occupy Wall Street, or OWS as it’s more fondly called, has spawned more than 250 movements across the country, with one hitting fairly close to home. Actually, it’s right in the heart of it. Occupy OKC was officially kicked off on October 10, with the acceptance of the Declaration, a […]