Math drives more careers than imaginable

Professor of Sociology Tara Hall presents her math and sociology presentation at the Math Drives Careers workshop. (Photo by Marisa Caban)

By Marisa Caban Chief Photographer–   Math Awareness Month was honored on April 14 in the Tinker Terrance Room. Andrea Xeriland, coordinator of the Mathematics Department, hosted the Math Awareness Month talk titled “Math Drives Careers.” Professors of Cybersecurity, Sociology, Music and Meteorology programs spoke about math, how it affects their careers and presented their experiences […]

Don’t let the stress of math let you feel discouraged

Amber Stafford Assignment Editor Professors of Mathematics Jack Moeller and Andrea Xeriland held a workshop on Sept. 20 to give students tips on how to avoid math anxiety. The professors began the workshop with a “math quiz” made up of two questions. Students had to list the best adjective to describe math and brief an […]

STEM programs crucial to the future

Jennifer Byrd Volunteer Writer  Cell phones, computers, automobiles, and the energy that powers them are just a few of the products that are produced that require Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) knowledge. STEM fields are crucial in our rapidly advancing technological world. Without the students, educators and employees that work in these areas, we […]

Math workshop, dividing anxiety from emotions

By: Logan Pierce, Editor-in-Chief Students are taking the steps necessary to overcome their fear of math, also known as arithmophobia. On March 27, Amber Mitchell, TriO Student Support Services director, gave a presentation on conquering math anxiety. Mitchell said that the hang-ups people have with math are emotional, not intellectual. Mitigating the Math Mindset Mitchell […]