Community Learning Center launches new teen program

Casey Hunter Student Reporter — RSC Kids College will feature Teen Scene, a new program that targets teenage audiences. The Community Learning Center’s Teen Scene event will “better define the students we serve,” according to the CLC’s booklet. This is the first year the Kids College will be open only to student’s ages 5-11. Teen […]

Community Learning Center educates all age

  Jennifer Byrd News Editor   Have you ever wanted to learn the art of painting, dancing or writing? Do you want to start a fitness program or learn how to use new technology? Are you looking for a convenient place to meet new people and take fun classes? If so, the Community Learning Center […]

STEM programs crucial to the future

Jennifer Byrd Volunteer Writer  Cell phones, computers, automobiles, and the energy that powers them are just a few of the products that are produced that require Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) knowledge. STEM fields are crucial in our rapidly advancing technological world. Without the students, educators and employees that work in these areas, we […]

Health fair educates public

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor For many, spring is a time of rejuvenation and animation. The air fills with warm scents as flowers bloom, and lawns are trimmed. It is also a time to get a check up and make sure the body stays healthy. Offering the public awareness information Midwest Regional Medical Center and RSC […]

RSC soars into the future

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor For college students, higher education means making life changes; it only stands to reason that college campuses would also require change and improvements. Technology, medical breakthroughs, new degrees, equipment and learning spaces all play a role in campus advancements, and Rose State is no exception. With the recent partnership with Southeastern […]