“Looper” send audiences for a wild ride

Chelsea Ratterman Editor in Chief “Looper” raced into the box office for the Sept.28 weekend among high expectations, bringing a new take on the sci-fi, time travel genre. The movie stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joe, whose job is to kill those sent back from the future. In 2044, time travel has not been invented, but […]

Romney gaffes lead to obvious Obama question

If there were ever a gift to Saturday Night Live, it would be the 2012 election season. On the episode featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the Weekend Update segment “What Are You Doing?” took aim at Obama as he brought attention to himself from Romney’s tailspin. In one week, Romney managed to insult nearly half the country, […]

Premium Rush delivers quickly

Chelsea Ratterman Editor-in-Chief Premium Rush delivers quickly Premium Rush is the latest movie from rising star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, last seen in the Dark Knight Rises. Here he stars as Wilee, a New York City bicycle messenger, one of the 1500 messengers on the busiest streets in the world streets, risking their lives weaving in and […]