Students find dental information session informative

RSC Dental Hygiene Program

Christian Tabak Volunteer Reporter —   An information session on RSC’s Allied Dental programs on Oct. 14 helped dental students and others interested in dental hygiene careers gain a basic grasp of the program requirements and the field’s high employment potential. Several information sessions were offered that day as a part of Health Professions Awareness […]

Rowdy Raids the Health Sciences Center

Jennifer Byrd Editor in chief Sterile environments and medical procedures are not Rowdy’s idea of a good time. He’d much rather fly by the seat of his pants than sit in a seat, especially if the aforementioned station just so happens to be in a doctor’s or dentist’s office. This being the case, Rowdy was […]

Respiratory Therapy Open House

  Jennifer Byrd News Editor  The Respiratory Therapy program held their first open house April 30 in the Health Sciences Annex. The program’s current students initiated the idea of an open house so that applicants, pre-program students and family members could see what a respiratory therapist does everyday.   Attendees had the opportunity to watch various procedures and talk […]