Millions of muggles man up for Quidditch

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor For over a decade, the wizarding world of Harry Potter has captivated billions of people. The series concluded with the final film and the launch of, an interactive website for fans. However, the series lives on in “muggle” society, (“muggle” being wizard slang for non-magical beings). Quidditch has become a fast growing […]

Potter fans trade wands for mice

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor  Anxious Potterheads can finally take up their computer mice to begin the virtual journey through the wizarding world of Harry Potter. The highly anticipated website “Pottermore” finally opened after a year of painstaking beta testing and delays. The companion to the “Harry Potter” books, announced around the time of the last […]

Awards represent the Academy’s opinion only

By:Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor This Sunday is the 84th Annual Academy Awards. It is a night to honor the best films of the year and a night forfashion at its best. But, how many of the Best Picture nominations have a majority of the public seen, or even heard of? Only a few of them […]