No more: Domestic violence affects everyone

Domestic Violence graphic

Jessica Phillips Editor-in-Chief — Three. That’s the average number of women who die every day because of domestic violence. Fifteen and a half million. That’s how many children witness domestic violence in a year, according to the National Network to End Domestic Violence. Domestic violence affects women, men and children. Approximately 7 million women are […]

Leadership conference empowers women

Jessica Phillips Volunteer Reporter   The eighth annual Women’s Leadership Conference was held on March 28 to provide women with resources for leadership and encouragement to be mentally healthy. The conference began with the reading of a proclamation by President Jeanie Webb, the first female president of RSC. The first speaker of the day was […]

Silhouettes speak for silent witnesses

Carina Snow News Editor           The “Silent Witness Exhibit” showcased life-size silhouettes to honor over 200 domestic violence victims in the LRC Sept. 23-26, and launched RSC into October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month.   The first Domestic Violence Awareness Month was observed October 1987, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. […]

Becoming strong, over coming domestic violence

With October being domestic violence awareness month, the Rose State Domestic Violence Committee and the Special Services Office held a special viewing of “Telling Amy’s Story.” Telling Amy’s Story is a documentary about the tragic end result of one particular abusive relationship.  Amy Homan McGee lived in Centre County Pennsylvania. She was the wife of […]