Rowdy Raids The Wellness Center

Jennifer Byrd Editor In Chief Rowdy Raider is notoriously, well, rowdy, but he’s mostly harmless. Is he energetic and somewhat crazy? Yes, but you love him. He’s like your favorite little cousin that embarrasses you in front of your friends, and he’s so adorable you resist the urge to strangle him Homer Simpson-style; that’s just […]

Rose State projects over the year

Cycle Out Cancer participants bike the road to health

Jennifer Byrd News Editor It’s not too late to “Cycle Out Cancer” in the Wellness Center.  All month long two stationary bikes have been dedicated to promoting cancer awareness through physical activity. As of Nov. 13, ninety-seven people had accumulated 611 miles.

Wellness center hosts month long November events

Jennifer Byrd News Editor The Wellness Center will be conducting two events throughout November to increase cancer awareness. The 2nd Annual “Movember” event will promote prostate cancer awareness through a beard/moustache growing contest. The 22 participants, called “Mo Bros”, have signed up and are prohibited from shaving for the entire month. They will report to […]