Wasinger dominates opposition with double-digit strikeouts

Alex Roberts

Assistant Editor– 


Emily Wasinger and the Lady Raiders defeat the Western Oklahoma State College Pioneers 7-4 in a highly competitive game on March 31. (photo by Alex Roberts)


Emily Wasinger threw a complete game; acquiring 10 strikeouts in the Lady Raiders 7-4 win over Western Oklahoma State College in the first of two games on March 31.

Apart from a couple of big hits from the Pioneers, Wasinger was able to shut down Western’s offense with her excellent pitching.

Along with great pitching, the Lady Raiders also hit the ball well. In the bottom of the second inning, Renee Leonard and Katie Ventress hit back-to-back home runs to give the lady Raiders a 2-0 lead.

They later increased the lead to 5-2 after the Pioneers had tied the game. Going into the sixth inning, the lady Raiders had a 6-4 lead. They were playing solid defense and were still hitting well.

With another run scored and three outs later, the lady Raiders had achieved a 7-4 victory against Western.




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