Ninja night an impressive success

Alex Roberts

Assistant Editor —  

Several RSC students attended Ninja Night hosted by the Drama Club on Nov. 13 in the Fine Arts building and H.B. Atkinson Theatre.

Ninja Night consisted of playing Ninja, hacky-sack and watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

Timothy Williford, theatre major and Drama Club president, said the officers came up with the idea of Ninja Night to gain publicity for the club.

According to, Ninja is “a theatrical turn-based combat party game.”

“We wanted to find something fun to do,” Williford said.

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Freshman Marietta Corona, dental hygiene major and treasurer of the Club, said she joined to be involved in campus life.

“I like being around the people. They’re so goofy,” Corona said.

Along with the Drama Club, members of the Anime, Fandom and Gaming Club participated in the event.

Williford said Ninja Night was free for anyone to attend, but the Drama Club has plans to fundraise through other events.

He said he was impressed with the success of Ninja Night.

“I think it turned out really well,” Williford said.

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