New Bakeology Club rises up

Alex Roberts

Assistant Editor —


The Bakeology Club is a newly created group hoping to make an impact on campus, create sweets and bake different kinds of food.

Baking Canisters

Graphic created by Melissa Bednarek

Caitlin James, a freshman majoring in liberal studies, was asked to join a club as part of her Educational Planning class. When she found out there wasn’t a baking club, she decided to start one.

“I went to Student Services and asked them if I can start a club, and they gave me the papers I needed to fill out and return, which I did,” James said.

Pamela Reynolds, Social Sciences professor and Bakeology Club adviser, said the club is still in the process of finding members, but has plans already in mind.

“As soon as the Social Sciences building opens, we will have access to the kitchen,” Reynolds said.

She said fliers have been posted on campus, but the club would love to do a bake sale, acting as a fundraiser and advertisement.

Reynolds said James created the club to fuel her passion for baking. She said James’ goal is to go to Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology for a culinary arts degree.

Reynolds said the club has been regularly meeting at 10 a.m. Tuesdays in Health Environmental Sciences, Room 305C.

For more information about the Bakeology Club, contact Reynolds at or James at or 481-3768.





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