CyberPatriot competitors prepare

By: Christian Tabak

Volunteer Reporter —


As a CyberPatriot Center of Excellence, RSC is hosting a series of workshops to prepare Oklahoma’s CyberPatriot teams for their upcoming competition; the second qualification round will be held on Nov. 14-16.

In preparation for the upcoming state, regional and national rounds of the Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot program, RSC is in the midst of hosting these in the Business building to ensure the teams are prepared for the competitions ahead and provide students with the opportunity to gain more advanced cybersecurity experience.

“Although these workshops are just to prepare CyberPatriot teams for the national competition, Rose State College and the CyberPatriot program are working towards training the next generation of cybersecurity professionals through these competitions,” said Scott Stokely, coordinator of the workshops.

CyberPatriot Logo


Created by the AFA as a way to strengthen cybersecurity skills among American youth, the CyberPatriot program is the nation’s largest and fastest-growing cyberdefense competition for both high school and middle school students.

Competitions are highly technical affairs in which teams have six hours to fix vulnerabilities within multiple computer system images in varied computer languages, while at the same time not creating weaknesses, and, at higher competitive levels, while actually being hacked by other students.

“In order to be able to succeed, competitors need to have a comprehensive knowledge of the operating system they are working with in order to not only fix it, but ensure they don’t accidentally cause more problems in the process,” Stokely said.

It is the goal of the workshops to prepare competitors and familiarize them with the operating systems in question. An average workshop consists of two hours of explanation of the parameters of an assignment and familiarization with a system image followed by a three-hour match in which students attempt to fix the image vulnerabilities as in an actual round.

The next workshops, Nov. 1 and Nov. 8, will serve to prepare the teams not only for the second qualification rounds in November, but also ready them for the rigors of the regional, state and national rounds.

The program designated RSC as a CyberPatriot Center of Excellence in 2013, citing RSC’s energetic involvement with the program since its creation, its funding of workshops and garnering support of the Oklahoma government as reasons for being awarded the distinction it shares with only four other institutions in the nation.

For more information on RSC’s CyberPatriot workshops and upcoming qualification rounds, contact Stokely at 733-7470 or

For more information on the AFA’s CyberPatriot program, Centers of Excellence or how to get involved, visit their website at



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