Students find dental information session informative

Christian Tabak

Volunteer Reporter —


An information session on RSC’s Allied Dental programs on Oct. 14 helped dental students and others interested in dental hygiene careers gain a basic grasp of the program requirements and the field’s high employment potential.

Several information sessions were offered that day as a part of Health Professions Awareness Week, including one which educated medical students on the basics of applying to RSC’s programs that can lead to some of the fastest growing career fields.

One of the lectures was given by Dana Kenneda, director of RSC’s Allied Dental program, and focused on applying to dental programs and the promising employment opportunities within the fields of a registered dental hygienist and dental assistant.

“I’m always getting emails from clinics that have openings. Now is really a great time to start looking into the dental hygiene career and to start making preparations to successfully apply for [RSC’S] dental programs,” Kenneda said.

RSC Dental Hygiene  Program

Taylor Walker, Dental Hygiene major and Dana Kenneda, program director for dental hygiene and dental assisting discuss RSCs dental hygiene program at Heath Profession Awareness session Tuesday Oct. 14. (Photo by Marisa Caban)

Applications for both dental programs will be accepted from Dec. 1-Feb. 2 and require a highly competitive application process which evaluates students primarily on academic records, but also includes physical and mental acuity tests and an interview with Kenneda herself.

“The most important point of this lecture is that the details are broken down and you come away with a better understanding of the process. The application process may sound intimidating, but apply anyway. Never be afraid to apply,” Kenneda said.

Once the required transcripts are submitted by the due date, 12 students will be selected for each program from among the respective applicants; program coursework will begin in late August.

Students in the dental hygiene program will pursue the program for two years; at the end of this time they will have not only received an associate degree in Applied Science but will also be eligible for the national, regional and state board licensing examinations required for employment as dental hygienists.

Students in the dental assisting program will have the option to pursue their program for 35 weeks at the end of which they will receive special certification by the Oklahoma Dental Board for expanded duties which will increase their appeal as a potential dental assistant.

Students said they found the lecture to be informational and encouraging. Asia Core, dental hygiene major, said, “The lecture was really reassuring. No matter where you are [with your grades], don’t be afraid to apply. I feel that I have a much better focus with this information than I had before.”

“While I’m still nervous about the application process, I feel more confident about what grades they’re looking for and that does help,” said Trae Edwards, also a dental hygiene major.

For more information on prerequisites, requirements and career opportunities, call 733-7337 for the Dental Hygiene program or 733-7336 for the Dental Assisting program, or visit RSC’s Health Sciences website at


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