Experts lead campaign panel at RSC

Alex Roberts

Assistant Editor — 



Campaign panel at Rose State

Photo By Alex Roberts


A professor, a political consultant and an Oklahoma state senator led a panel discussion Oct. 10 at RSC on what modern political campaigns require for candidates to be successful.

Based on their experiences, the three panelists shared their ideas of how a candidate can be successful, converging on three key elements: resources, organization and passion.

Sen. Kyle Loveless explained the key elements. He said the No. 1 thing that helps a candidate be successful is a great number of resources, specifically money.

The next element he expanded on was how working with an organization, such as a political consulting firm, is a big advantage.

“You have to have an organization to help, Loveless said.

The third element Loveless explained was how a candidate must be “passionate” to be successful.

Dr. Joe Campbell, professor of political science at RSC, agreed with Loveless’ evaluations.

“Money does matter,” Campbell said.

He also talked about how being a candidate can be a long and “grueling” process.

Fount Holland, founder of AH Strategies, offered his opinion of the campaign process from a consultant’s view, describing campaigns as an “exchange of ideas.”

He also shared his definition of political consultants.

“I think consultants are more like coaches,” Holland said.

Holland said he believes money is an important factor, but determination also can make a difference.

“The candidate working hard is so important,” Holland said.


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