Renovation makes Social Sciences welcoming, ADA compliant

Jessica Phillips


The Social Sciences building renovation is projected to be finished Dec. 15, with restrooms that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, new lighting fixtures and more, said Richard Andrews, director of operational efficiency.

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The renovation includes new flooring, LED lighting, wall treatments such as paint and texturing, new doors leading into the building and ADA-compliant restrooms, Andrews said.

“The main emphasis on the project is the restrooms,” he said. “The bathrooms will be completely new, from the ground up.”

To meet ADA requirements, the restrooms had to be expanded and offices and classrooms had to be relocated, he said.

The cost estimate for the renovation is $890,000, which includes ceilings, flooring, paint, IT cabling, plumbing and all restroom features, Andrews said.

“I think the building will be a little less institutional, a little bit more welcoming,” he said.

Juanita Ortiz, dean of Social Sciences, said the renovation shows students and faculty that “they are considered worthy of that investment.”

Professors in the division are “very, very excited to return” to the building, she said.

The contract for bond renovation projects is with CMSWillowbrook, Inc, Andrews said, with CMSWillowbrook assuming the risk “to complete the project in budget and on time.”

CMSWillowbrook was the construction manager for the Aquatics Center renovation as well.

The Administration and Humanities buildings are up next for renovation in spring 2015, with a projected completion date of June 2015, according to

For a tentative list of renovations and dates, visit



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