Intramural tournament hits home run

Jessica Phillips, Editor-in-Chief–


More than 50 students and several faculty members participated in the Homerun Whiffle Ball Derby on Oct. 1 in the Wellness Center.

Bryce Queri, cyber security major and student senator, said the tournament was a “good way to get students involved with campus activities.”

Participants were allowed to swing until they got 10 outs. An out occurred when the batter swung and missed or hit the Whiffle Ball, but did not hit the wall or scoreboard.

Points were earned when a batter hit the top half of the gym wall or the scoreboard. Hitting the wall was worth one point, and hitting the scoreboard was worth five.

“It’s always hard to hit a Whiffle Ball because it moves so much,” said Chris Leland, director of health and wellness activities.

Students had the option to sign in with a club to earn points in the competition for Club of the Year, which will be awarded at the Student Life Banquet on April 27, 2015.

Rachel Wehe won in the female category with two points. Alex Roberts, of the Baptist Colligate Ministry Club, was the male winner with 11 points.

Wehe and Roberts will receive T-shirts and have their names engraved on the intramural sports trophy, said Alicia McCullar, assistant coordinator of Student Activities.































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