Intramural sports program hosts frisbee golf

Alex Roberts

Assistant Editor–

Several students and faculty members participated in the annual RSC Frisbee Golf Tournament on Sept. 4, hosted by Student Intramural Sports 

Andrew Zinn, music engineering major, won last years Frisbee Golf tournament and enjoyed making an attempt to defend his title.

“It’s short, but a lot of fun,” Zinn said about this year’s course.

Dr. Lisa Seale, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management, was one of the few faculty members who participated in the event.

“It’s an incredibly challenging sport, I wish we had it more often,” she said.

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Chris Leland, director of health and wellness activities, helped plan the tournament while Stephanie Copple, who works in the mailroom, assisted in the preparation of the tournament maps and scorecards.

The tournament was held on a full 18-hole course, which was set up by the Physical Plant. Workers from the plant and members of the Student Activities Office gave out bottles of water and soda to participants, keeping them hydrated as they played.


Zinn said there were a total of six holes in the 2013 tournament, so having a full course this year made it better.

To prevent participants from cheating, players were overseen by course marshals, including Mike Templeman, Dr. Casey Walker, Chris Shaneyfelt, and Vershun Sublet.

The men’s and women’s brackets had a front nine, back nine, and overall tournament champion.

Zinn won the men’s front nine, but Zachary Dees-Prebula won the men’s back nine and overall tournament.


Kelby Christian won the women’s bracket in all three categories, dominating in all phases.

Each winner earned an intramural champion T-shirt and will have his or her name engraved on the Student Intramural Sports trophy.

Dr. Tommy Klepper, director of student conduct, said in an email that the champions would be “enshrined with eternal glory and trash talking privileges for all time.”


  1. Austin Carroll says:

    Can we get a copy of the pictures?

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