Women’s soccer team overcome by Blazers in first home game, 1-0

Alex Roberts

Assistant Editor —


The RSC women’s soccer team lost their first home game of the season on Aug. 28 to the Northlake College Blazers in an exciting and physical game.

Both teams played aggressively, but in the end, the Blazers came out on top, defeating the Raiders 1-0.

The Blazers started hot and had a shot on goal as early as the sixth minute. Raiders goalkeeper Kyndra Johnson, a sophomore, made an amazing diving save to keep the game tied at 0-0.

As the game progressed, the Blazers stayed on the offensive, and in the 11th minute they scored the game’s first goal, going up 1-0.


Less than 10 minutes after that goal, Raiders coach Damon Solomon made a substitution, sending freshman forwards Sanya Januszewski and Mariah Williams into the game.

“I felt like we weren’t getting in rhythm,” Solomon said about the early substitution.

By halftime, the Raiders weren’t producing a lot of offense and needed to start being more aggressive.


Two minutes into the second half, the Raiders made a great play and hit the post with a shot on goal, but not to score.

The second half went back and forth. Both teams had multiple chances to score but could not capitalize on them.

The Blazers gained a couple of free kicks in good position but could not score.

The Raiders had two corner kicks in a row with 20 minutes left in the game, but they were unsuccessful in producing an equalizing goal.

At the 79th minute, Raiders forward Christen Birch, a freshman, made a powerful shot on goal, but the Northlake College goalkeeper saved it.

Solomon said his team is young but “growing up fast.”

He also said they were not taking enough shots.


Gonzalez said his team “played OK.”

He said the Blazers played better as far as possession, but the Raiders played better in terms of aggressiveness and physicality.


After the game, both coaches came to the same conclusion: their teams needed to finish better.

Gonzalez said he was pleased with the win but he felt like his team could be better.

“We need to finish more,” Gonzalez said.

Solomon said he knows the potential of his team, but they have to keep growing

“Overall, we just need to finish better,” Solomon said.
































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