President addresses big changes

Alex Roberts
Assistant Editor


RSC President Jeanie Webb issued her address to the faculty on Aug. 14 in the H.B. Atkinson Theatre, previewing some of the new and exciting changes coming to campus, both architecturally and academically.

Webb explained how change is all around us, and that we must adapt if we are to succeed.

The digital world is always growing and online schooling is becoming more popular. One of the first revisions Webb talked about was the redesigning of the RSC website. RSC will be partnering with Ackerman McQueen, who has partnered with American Airlines, Mercedes-Benz, and sports teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“We’ve got to change our web pages,” Webb said.

It was scheduled to be done in November, but that would have potentially kept the website from working at its full potential.

Webb said, “We want to do it right,” so it will be finished in the spring.

Construction to install fiber optics across the campus will be done to greatly improve the Wi-Fi network, according to Webb.

New additions to the RSC campus include student housing and a soccer stadium. Student housing is projected to be available to students starting in fall 2015. Webb said new soccer stadium is being built for our men’s and women’s soccer teams, which will start their season on Aug. 23 in Pratt, Kan.

Webb said she is excited about the changes happening and wants RSC to be the best community college around.

“Why do we do housing and athletics? To separate ourselves from the other urban community colleges,” Webb said.

As far as architectural improvements, plans are being made to put sculptures around campus, Webb said. Also, the Aquatics Center should be complete by the week of Sept. 15, confirmed by Aquatics coordinator Kim Queri.

Enhancements to other buildings are also planned for the Student Center and the Learning Resources Center, Webb said.
She said a plan is being made to improve student life on campus by converting the Student Center into a Student Union.

The Learning Resources Center will be renovated and transformed into a “Digital Library of the Future.” The renovation plans include the addition of a coffee bar. The project is set to be finished in 2015.

“We have a vision to make us stand out, otherwise, why does a student choose RSC,” Webb said.

RSC is partnering with adg Inc. to create a “Master Campus Plan” to renovate and improve several buildings on campus:

Fall 2014
• Social Sciences Building

Spring 2015
• Humanities Building
• Administration Building

Summer 2015
• Engineering Technology Building
• Fine Arts Building

Fall 2015
• Science and Math Building
• Business Building

Academically, there are many new changes to several degree programs, including:

• General Sciences
• Musical Theatre
• Mass Communication
• Cultural Studies
• Professional Business Studies
• Criminal Justice: Terrorism
• Liberal Studies: Cultural Studies
• Liberal Studies: Philosophy

Over the next few years RSC will gain a fresh look and feel, improving athletically, academically, and architecturally.

“We have to make us the premier community college,” Webb said.

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