Raider Rush Acquaints Students to Campus

Jessica Phillips



RSC’s annual Raider Rush was held on Aug. 14 in the Performing Arts Theatre; the freshman orientation included guest speakers, campus tours and lunch.

Raider Rush introduced new students to the campus and available resources. Speakers informed students and parents about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Free Application for Federal Student Aid completion, Pell Grants, upcoming campus housing, and more.

Raider Rush Tour

Photo by Marisa Caban

President Jeanie Webb welcomed students and said, “If you want a college that cares… you’re at the right institution.”

Guest speaker Rhett “Retro” Laubach of Edmond encouraged students to have good time management skills and to make connections with fellow students. Laubach also shared his intriguing recipe for “bacon tatertots.”

Humanities Dean Claudia Buckmaster echoed Laubach’s sentiments for relationship-building.

“Try to build a support system around you,” Dean Buckmaster said.

Travis Pachucki, mechanical engineering major, said he is excited to start the semester. Pachucki said he thinks RSC has a lot of people who are not only available, but willing to help students.

Christopher Clovis, criminal justice major, said he is excited for baseball this semester.

“I play infield, mainly shortstop,” Clovis said.

David Clovis, Christopher’s father, said he is excited. He also said at Raider Rush he “learned a lot more about the facility and what they have to offer.”

Parents also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the campus and resources. There was a brief orientation for parents while the students were on campus tours.

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