Mass Comm Awards

Side Bar-

Oklahoma Collegiate Media Association

Jennifer Byrd: Journalist of the Year (2-year school); first place in Reviews; third place in Editorial Writing, Reviews, Sports Photography; honorable mention in General News Writing

Dennis Gosnell: Honorable mention in Feature Writing

Janay Hensley: third place in Column Writing

Carina Snow: second place in Investigative Reporting; honorable mention in Reporting Portfolio


Associated Collegiate Press

Mark of Distinction for Leadership

Second-Class Honor Rating for publication overall


Northeastern Oklahoma University Media Day

Overall Newspaper: Excellent rating

Melissa Bednarek: first place in Advertising

Jennifer Byrd: first place in News Writing &  News Photography; second place in Editorial; third place in Feature Writing &  Feature Photography

Marisa Caban: first place in Sports Photography; second place in News Photography

Dennis Gosnell: first place in Editorial; second place in Feature Writing & Feature Photography; third place in News Writing

Michele Penix: first place in Front Page Design & Inside Page Design

 Alex Roberts: first place in Sports Writing

Carina Snow: first place in Feature Writing & Feature Photography; second place in News Writing,


Oklahoma Press Association (To be announced at 2014 convention in June)

Newspaper placed second, third or fourth in the following events: News Content, Layout & Design, Community Leadership


15th Street News Staffer of the Year

Carina Snow


Advanced Category

First Place —“Hiraeth” by Zach Hunter

Second Place —“Phantasmagoria” by Zach Hunter

Third Place — “Coming Out” by Hien Chau

Honorable Mention —“Lost Memory” by Sammy Babb

“Classic Literature” by Marissa McCarty

“Family Hands” by Amber Redenbaugh

Selected for show — “La Mariee Etait en Noir” by Zach Hunter

“Mother Mason” by Zach Hunter

“Seafaring Shade” by Zach Hunter

“Biker Mike” by Amber Redenbaugh

“Haunted Standings” by Mariah Riley                                                                  “Misty Fountain” by Alex Roberts

“Intensity” by Catherine Roby


Beginning Category

First Place — “Equalibrium Logger” by Casey Hunter

Second Place —“Reach” by Matthew Koon

Honorable Mention — “Narrow Convergence” by Matthew Koon

“Shard – Shadows” by Matthew Koon

“Private Secrets” by Brenda Mitchell

Selected for show —“Broken Window Frames” by Ashley Ballard

“Behind My Eyes Dreams Begin” by Dennis Gosnell

“…And I Can Not Lie” by  Tracey Hope

“Be-Bop-A-Lula” by Casey Hunter

“Inter Cosmic” by Casey Hunter

“A Wrinkle in Time” by Brittany Luker

“Innocence is Bliss” by Brittany Luker

“Chairs and Bars” by  Jess Luna

“Let’s Meet at Six” by Brenda Mitchell


Mass Communications Awards
Scholarship Winner                                                Marisa Caban

Top Journalism Graduate                         Carina Snow

Most Potential in Journalism                    Jennifer Byrd

Most Progress in Journalism                   Dennis Gosnell

Best New Student in Journalism             Jessica Phillips

Most Valuable Broadcast Assistant         Dean Daniels

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