Scholars present art show project ideas to Regents

By Brittany Luker

Student Reporter

The Francis White Hughes scholars presented a mock presentation of their project, “ESPORE,” on April 25 in the Regents Room of the Administration Building, where they proposed making the Civic Center Atrium a possible venue option for their art show.

The name they chose, “ESPORE,” is an Italian verb meaning to exhibit or display. The students said Italian works of art, which played a factor in choosing the name, inspired them.

They are hoping to work with 11 other community colleges to put on the show. Currently, the group is trying to raise awareness and get sponsorships to help cover expenses.

Tanner Morris, Timothy Williford, Rena Vann, Jessica Phillips, Micayla Eddy, and Madison Moody are scholars involved in the project.

Rick Woodard, adviser to the project, said he is proud of these scholars.

“It’s very rewarding to see the student’s growth in their ability to do research, improved leadership skills, and how they work overall in a group dynamic—especially to see the students who are in the fine arts understand the connection between business and the fine arts,” he said.

The scholars also had a few things to say about the process of starting this project and getting to where they are today.

“It was a long, demanding journey, but it opened up a lot of doors,” Morris said.

Williford agreed with Morris’ sentiments that the work was difficult but rewarding.

Williford said it had been “work, work, work—worth it!”

Improved research and leadership skills weren’t the only benefits of the project.

“It was a great experience and I made a lot of new friends and connections,” Vann said.




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