Rose State College student in CLT program wins national award

By Amber Joyce-Reed

Volunteer Reporter


A RSC student in the Clinical Laboratory Technology program won two competitive scholarships this semester, one of which landed her a trip to Chicago.

Sophomore Mary Worthing won the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science Oklahoma student of the year award, worth $500, and the American Society for Clinical Pathology national award worth $1,000

Worthing wasn’t sure which scholarships were right for her, she said. Evelyn Paxton, CLT Program Director assisted her with finding the scholarships that were best for her.


“Ask your advisers, ask at your clinical rotations, and join the professional organizations,” Worthing said.

Worthing was also invited to the ASCL annual meeting in Chicago, which includes not only networking opportunities and vendor exhibits on the latest laboratory technology, but also continuing education hours, which is an important part of working in medical professions.


Worthing, a mother of three, received the news when she was home alone. “I was jumping up and down at the mailbox,” she said.

Her husband and family were her main supporters. Because Worthing was so busy with school, she had to ask her husband for a lot of help.

“‘I’ve got this,’ was my husband’s favorite line,” she said.

Worthing was accepted to the CLT program in 2012 and is slated to graduate May 9. She was also recognized April 24 at the ONE VOICE conference in Oklahoma City for her achievements.

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